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Welcome to This site is owned and operated by two-long time IT professionals who’ve been working with Windows 10 since it first made its debut as a Technical Preview in October 2014. More about us in a minute. Let’s start with a statement of this site’s mission and coverage. We aim to provide factual, detailed information about Windows 10, with an emphasis on practical, how-to information based on empirical observation and painstaking testing to confirm that what we say corresponds closely with how the OS and related tools and applications work. We will also state our opinions about Windows 10, ongoing releases, related issues and problems as clearly and directly as we can.

Who’s the Audience?

We believe that IT professionals and others responsible for configuring, installing, deploying and managing Windows 10 represent our core audience. This is an homage to Windows at work. And even though Windows may not always run in a workplace of some kind, we do understand that people have to get things done. They also have to be able to count on their computers to help them pay their bills, communicate with others, crunch numbers, surf the web, and do all the other computing tasks in need of completion. Though our core readers may not belong to an IT department, have a degree in some computing discipline, or fill a job role commonly associated with IT (such as system administrator, system analyst, network admin, or whathaveyou), they are responsible for installing, using, and maintaining Windows 10 desktops, either in large numbers or small ones.

Windows Insider for Business users will be an important target group to us.

What We Will Cover

Our articles, posts, and reporting will include a mix of news, how-tos, explanations, and opinions. We’ll stick to news related to Windows 10 and its many releases, updates, patches, fixes, issues and gotchas. Our posts will include many short articles on specific Windows features or capabilities, with an eye toward explaining what they’re good for, or step-by-step how-tos that show how to put them to work. When controversy or differences of opinion surface around Windows 10, we’ll let you know what our opinions are, and put them in context among the range of opinions we can discover and elicit from other sources as well as you, our readers.

From a somewhat different perspective on coverage, the kinds of topics we plan to dig into include how to create, customize, update, deploy and install Windows images. We’ll also spend time on related tools like DISM and sysprep to show how they may be used to get such things done. We will also talk about Windows deployment, management, and troubleshooting tools such a Intune, DaRT, the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (Windows ADK), and more. For the most part, we’ll stick to tools and utilities that are built into Windows, or that fall under the Microsoft umbrella (like the excellent Sysinternals Suite). But when third party tools really do deliver best-of-breed capabilities or advantages (such as Macrium Reflect Free which, despite its free-of-charge availability, runs rings around the possibly soon-to-be-obsolete Windows Backup and Recovery utilities).

We’re also happy to respond to questions from readers about specific problems or issues they may encounter when running or using Windows 10. We can’t always promise to provide answers, but we will pick and choose from the question pool to help drive coverage, particularly posts and shorter articles. Look for the <link name> button (?Contact Us?) on each page here on the site to reach out and send your questions.

What We’d Like to Accomplish

Our goal is to become a go-to resource for those seeking timely, accurate and helpful information about real-world Windows 10 problems, questions, issues and needs in the workplace. We hope you’ll share your thoughts, opinions, and observations with us through joining the site and participating in comments and dialog. We also hope you’ll understand that all our discourse should be polite and civil, with plenty of room for people to respectfully disagree with and differ from one another. To that end, we welcome your input and reactions to our initial content offerings with which we launch this site. Do please let us know what you think, what kinds of things you’d like to see covered, and how we might improve the information on offer.

About the Principals: Kari Finn and Ed Tittel

Both Kari and Ed have several decades of IT and computing industry experience. You may have seen some of our articles for publications such as TechTarget,, Information Week, or countless other websites and content providers. You may also have seen us active online at, where we both regularly interact with the community there. We think of as a complement to these other resources, particularly TenForums. Our focus is on business or workaday use of Windows 10, so we don’t believe this site will compete with the others on which we’re active, or for which we write.

As a long-time writer, and the author of over 100 books and thousands of articles, Ed will provide editorial oversight and guidance for, both for the website and its content. Ed also plans to write regularly and copiously for the site, with a mix of how-tos, explanations, opinion pieces, and musings on news items and industry doings. As the real nerd of this team, Kari plans to keep digging into (and where necessary, exploding) those aspects and operations in Windows 10 most likely to be of interest and use to working professionals. Together, we believe we’re greater than the sum of our constituent parts. As you read our work, we hope you’ll agree with that assessment.

Ed and Kari are particularly interested in providing useful and informative content. We are especially keen on providing those who have to get and keep Windows 10 working with the information and ammunition they need to get that job done quickly and well. To that end, we’ll provide as many tips and tricks as we can, based on our own personal experience and research into the marvelously complex and occasionally aggravating OS we know and love as Windows 10. Stay tuned, check us out, and again: please let us know what you think.

Welcome to!

Kari and Ed


Author: Ed Tittel

Ed Tittel is a 30-plus-year computer industry veteran. He’s a Princeton and multiple University of Texas graduate who’s worked in IT since 1981 when he started his first programming job. Over the past three decades he’s also worked as a manager, technical evangelist, consultant, trainer, and an expert witness. See his professional bio for all the details.

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  1. Hey ED! Howdy. Recognize your pic from helping me w/one of my recent issues w/W10 on How-to-Geek. Between you and remembering another fix that saved me from a reinstall I’m almost up and running w/W10.

    Just a few stragglers re: AV and browser plug-ins, and their compatibility w/Sandboxie. As I said in Bo’s article I won’t surf w/o it.

    Well how about that. Small world. You know I missed running across my next door neighbors (on a round the world trip) when I was in India years ago. Not the same as running into them but still …

    I’m out of tech support thank God but I’ll have to add this site to my list. Gotta keep up. Like that DISM stuff. Good to know.

    Have a nice day (as we say here in the States).

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